How to clean Virus reader_s.exe

Well actually a little upset with this virus. How not, this virus works very silent and have a very harmful effect. Malicious programs categorized as this Trojan is very unique, because it can paralyze some windows system periodically and replace functions.

A little analysis of this virus.
This virus uses a similar name with a pdf reader program. Only slightly modified, which should reader_sl be reader_s. The virus is a master file in a directory system. There are antiviral bebrapa categorize analysis of this virus as a new variant virus virut. Analysis virut virus reader_s as can be seen here.

1. C: \ Documents and Settings \% username% \
2. c: \ windows \ system32 \
3. C: \ Documents and Settings \% username% \ Local Settings \ Temp \

Removal process it for you can do this under way.

Previous hijacthis download tools that can be downloaded here. Run Hijacthis, then it will display the log. See the string listed in the log, if there are strings can be ascertained reader_s.exe already infected your computer.

Download some tools-these tools.

1. sdb.exe
2. vcleaner.exe
3. rmvirut removal tools
4. process explorer

should download the tools on another computer clean and have the updated antivirus, and then save it in a flash disk or other removable media that are not infected with the virus, too. Forgot Jangn rename all *. exe programs to *. cmd. sdb.cmd example.

1. Turn off your Sytem restore, and then disconnect the Internet connection.
2. Now run Process Explorer, then locate reader_s.exe process.
3. Run rmvirut, try rmvirut.cmd and rmvirut.nt in a folder by flasdishk. Let the prosess running, if you have questions select "ok". Then the computer will automatically restart. not in his pull flsdisk y!
4. Prosess right click, then select kill process tree.
5. Run sdb.cmd, install. then do fullscan.
6. Last Run vcleaner.cmd vcleaner

To be sure you are still terinfect or not, run hijacthis back. do scan, check whether there reader_s string again. If there's still live in the fix it just use hijacthis.

Please note!! Above Prosess better done in safe mode, and better use storage media Toos clean removal, and merename tools-tools with the extension *. exe into *. cmd. You better disable the previously installed antivirus.
Download tools, these tools on another computer, this is done to removal tools are not infected before starting his task.

Paano sa maglinis ng virus Conficker A (Pilipino)

Ang virus na nahawaang milyon computer sa buong mundo. Gamit ang networking, flashdisk (UFD) at iba pang mga paraan.


1. Kung i-scan namin ang paggamit ng antivirus, ito na kilala bilang ->
• Net-Worm.Win32.Kido
• W32/Conficker.worm.gen
• Worm.Conficker
• W32.Downadup
• W32/Downadup.AL
• W32/Confick-A
• Win32/Conficker.A
• Mal / Conficker

2. Windows Error ->
• Awto-update mula sa Microsoft at auto-update ang anti virus na error.
• Maaari hindi i-update ang durungawan tagapagsanggalang
• Random error "svchost"
• Hindi-browse sa mga anti virus site o iba pang seguridad site.

3. Iba Pang Serbisyo Windows error ->
• wuauserv: Windows Awtomatikong-update ng Serbisyo
• Bits: Background intelihente Maglipat ng Serbisyo
• wscsvc: Windows Security Center Serbisyo
• WinDefend: Windows depensor Serbisyo
• ERSvc: Windows Error sa pag-uulat ng Serbisyo
• WerSvc: Windows Error sa pag-uulat ng Serbisyo

Paano sa malinis na ito?
1. Subukan na i-scan sa mga gumagamit ng Microsoft Windows malisyosong software Removal Tool. Maaari mong i-download ng software na ito dito ->

2. Kung na antivirus mabibigo, subukan ang paggamit ng K7 Antivirus o K7 computing Libreng Virus Removal Tool. I-download ang software na ito dito ->
K7 Antivirus

Pagkatapos i-download ito, gamitin ang hakbang na ito ->
• I-update na ito tools.
•-restart ang Windows, ipasok ang Safe Mode
• Magsagawa ng full-scan ang system
• Burahin ang nahawaang file
• Re-simulan ang Windows sa normal mode

3. Pagkatapos tanggalin ang virus, na kailangan namin upang ayusin Windows registry. Maaari mong i-download ang file na ito at gamitin ito sa mabawi / ayusin ang iyong Windows pagpapatala ->

4. Huwag paganahin ang AutoRun at AutoPlay
I-download ang software na ito upang tiyakin na ang iyong computer natatanuran ->
Magsiper, double-click file "disableauto.reg"

Have fun:)

Hoe schoon te maken virus Conficker A (Dutch)

Dit virus reeds besmette miljoen computers in de wereld. Met behulp van netwerken, flashdisk (UFD) en andere manier.


1. Als we scannen met behulp van antivirus-, zij bekend als ->
• Netto-Worm.Win32.Kido
• W32/Conficker.worm.gen
• Worm.Conficker
• W32.Downadup
• W32/Downadup.AL
• W32/Confick-A
• Win32/Conficker.A
• Mal / Conficker

2. Windows fouten ->
• Automatische update van Microsoft en auto-update anti-virus fout.
• Kan niet bijwerken van Windows Defender
• Willekeurige fouten "svchost"
• Kan niet surfen op anti virus site of andere beveiligingsmaatregelen site.

3. Andere Windows Service error ->
• wuauserv: Windows Automatic Update Service
• BITS: Background Intelligent Transfer Service
• wscsvc: Windows Security Center Service
• WinDefend: Windows Defender Service
• ERSvc: Windows Error Reporting Service
• WerSvc: Windows Error Reporting Service

Hoe schoon te maken?
1. Probeer te scannen met behulp van Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. U kunt deze software hier ->

2. Als dat antivirus niet, probeer dan met behulp van K7 Antivirus of K7 Computing Gratis Virus Removal Tool. Download deze software hier ->
K7 Antivirus

Na het downloaden, gebruiken deze stap ->
• Update van deze tools.
• Start van Windows, voert u de Veilige modus
• Heeft volledige systeemscan
• Wissen geïnfecteerde bestand
• Opnieuw starten van Windows in de normale modus

3. Nadat het virus te verwijderen, moeten we vaststellen Windows-register. U kunt dit bestand downloaden en gebruiken om te herstellen / repareren van uw Windows-register ->

4. AutoRun uitschakelen en AutoPlay
Download deze software om ervoor te zorgen dat uw computer bewaakt ->
Unzip, dubbelklik op het bestand "disableauto.reg"

Have fun:)